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The OnlineCasinoTop100 platform is a global platform that operates in more than 32 countries and is part of OCT100. Ltd. (hereinafter: OCT100) and is based in London, United Kingdom.

The conditions below apply to consumers who use these websites. By using one of these websites, the visitor agrees to the conditions, notices and provisions below.

OCT100 reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. It is the visitor’s responsibility to read the terms and conditions regularly. The agreement below contains some disclaimers.

Online purchases through OCT100

OCT100 itself does not provide any services, the organization limits itself to displaying online casinos with the associated services. When a visitor has decided to play at an online casino, the visitors do so of their own free will, and are redirected by us to the online casino of his / her choice. OCT100 is therefore not liable for any damage that the user may experience as a result.


Different online casinos are licensed by different governments. This license indicates that an online casino meets certain conditions, but it never gives the guarantee that its implementation will run smoothly. OCT100 cannot therefore be held liable for this.

Reviews by visitors

On OCT100 websites visitors give reviews about the quality of online casinos and the reliability of an online casinos. There are no conditions attached to the reviews of visitors. The reviews are only opinions of visitors on the basis of which the choice for a particular online casinos could be made.

Incorrect information

OCT100 shows services from various online casinos. When changes take place at the online casinos, such as bonuses and conditions, it is possible that these online casinos do not report this to OCT100 on time.
OCT100 keeps track of the changes of the online casinos as well as possible. However, OCT100 is not liable for any changes made by the online casinos.


OCT100 will try as best it can to solve any problems arising from the service.

Intellectual property rights

The UK law applies to all websites. All text and image information on the OCT100 sites is protected by copyright. The copyright of this site rests with OCT100. Ltd. The OCT100 website is for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission from OCT100. The websites of OCT100 may not be used in any unlawful manner or used in a way that can cause damage to OCT100, this at the discretion of OCT100.

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